The test drive is one of the most important parts of the car-buying process. It’s the only way to truly experience how a vehicle feels, in terms of comfort and performance. Here at Sames Kia, we don’t recommend simply taking a new Kia car for a short drive with no planning. Instead, our dealers would like to offer suggestions about what to look for on your test drive.

Before: Before even visiting our dealership, have an idea of what models you want to take out for a test drive. Also, bring along any family members who will regularly be passengers in the vehicles so that they can gauge the comfort level.

Acceleration and Braking: Pay attention to how the vehicle handles, when it comes to both accelerating and braking. Is the braking responsive? Is the acceleration up to par?

Comfort: Comfort is key in a vehicle, and it’s important to ensure everything is up to your standards. Does the seating and steering wheel adjust to your desired positioning? Do the seats offer heating/ventilating capability? Is the back row spacious enough for your passengers? Should you opt for dual-zone climate control?

Infotainment and Safety: Test out all the infotainment systems to ensure their usability. Is the touchscreen easy to use? Are the controls within reach for you? Also, be sure to note the safety technology. Our new Kia models, such as the 2019 Kia Optima, offer a range of options. From backup cameras and blind spot monitoring to lane departure warning, be sure to consider your choices and determine whether you would want it or not.

Take a new Kia car for a test drive right here at Sames Kia.