When financing a car, it’s so important for your financing terms, and your credit score, to make payments on time and in full every month. At Sames Kia, we feel that making a reasonable budget and considering all the factors of vehicle ownership beforehand is a big part in making sure you’re able to do that. New car shoppers, take note!

When you buy a car or SUV, it’s more involved than just the sticker price. With Kia financing comes interest, which accumulates over time on top of the initial cost (also known as the principal of the loan). Additionally, you may be required, or encouraged, to put a down payment of up to at least 20% of the vehicle’s cost when you buy.

Upon purchase, you must have your Kia insured, which can sometimes be a hefty monthly payment depending on your driving history and other factors. You’ll also be responsible to pay for vehicle registration and titling.

With vehicle ownership comes responsibility, such as filling up the gas tank and bringing your vehicle in routine maintenance, like oil changes and tire rotations, among other things.

If you’re planning on buying soon, we recommend you start saving 10-20% of your paychecks if at all possible. Do this until you have enough saved for the new or pre-owned Kia of your choice.

Lucky for you, we have tons of new Kia vehicles and constant specials that allow you to maximize your vehicle budget. We can’t wait to help you find the car of your dreams here at Sames Kia in Laredo, TX. We look forward to working with you soon!